world book day logoWorld Book Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and encourage people of all ages to engage with literature. However, for those with low literacy, this day can be a stark reminder of the challenges they face when it comes to reading and writing. This is why it’s so important to highlight the work being done to support adults with low literacy, and to encourage more people to get involved with adult literacy programmes like Citizen Literacy.

Recently, Diane Gardner, the founder of Citizen Literacy, and Val McDermid, a successful author and literacy advocate, were interviewed together about the possibilities available to adults with low literacy. The interview was broadcasted on BBC Radio Scotland, providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience and raise awareness about the importance of adult literacy programmes.

Diane shared her insights into the need to break down the stigma surrounding low literacy and create a more inclusive society. By improving these skills, adults with low literacy can open up new doors and opportunities for themselves. Val McDermid spoke about the importance of providing accessible and engaging materials for adult learners. She stressed that reading should be a pleasure, not a chore.

Together, Diane and Val McDermid underscored the urgency of the literacy crisis and the need for more resources and support for adults with low literacy. They called on individuals and organizations to get involved with Citizen Literacy and other adult literacy programmes, and to help build a more equitable and literate society.

This World Book Day, let’s all commit to supporting adult literacy and breaking down the barriers to reading and learning. By working together, we can help create a world where everyone has access to the power of literacy.