The purpose of this white paper is to raise awareness of the scale and nature of the adult literacy challenge in the UK and to provide a context and background for our ideas, activities and approach to contributing towards a solution. Here, we describe how we work, our rationale and values and what we hope to achieve. We firmly believe that no single organisation can solve this difficult problem alone and that an open collaborative partnership approach is the best way of working. The white paper is a working document and will be updated as our development work progresses.


This white paper is intended for the general public and those working and researching in the field of adult literacy. Our audience is anyone who is interested in the topic of adult literacy, no prior knowledge is assumed. Inevitably, there are some specialist terms used and we aim to explain them as we go. We also make extensive use of web links in the text to provide further information for the reader. We believe by providing an explanation of the issues involved and the potential solutions to a general audience we will make our work more widely useful. The style of writing in this White Paper is not intended as an academic text, although our work and approach is informed by academic research, it is more informal and direct in style.