A big thanks to our team member, Claire Collins for sharing a couple of very useful tools in the Monday meet up today. They both could be worth checking out as teaching aids in these challenging times.

We can only anticipate that the need to deliver our learning materials remotely will be a long term requirement. We need to use our imaginations to innovate our delivery. Any technology to enable us to optimise our delivery needs sharing and here are 2 tools which may be useful to you all.

Genius Scan

First of all the following video is introducing us to an app called Genius Scan. A simple to use app which allows anybody to take a snap of their written/drawn work and easily submit it to their teacher as a PDF.

Link to iOS version

Link to Android version

USB Document Cam

Secondly there is a really useful gadget that we don’t see in the video. That’s because it was used to actually create the video. For any hands on desk based demonstrations, have you ever considered investing in a USB document camera?

Here’s a link to the HUE HD Pro USB document camera on Amazon

I hope this is the first post of many that will allow us to all share any useful tools. After all we all love gadgets, especially if they are actually useful.