Time to start looking at the real world user interface. Understanding the personas likely to use the app, we have many considerations to make. Colour blindness, dyslexia and mobility must be considered.

Figma is an excellent tool for quickly experimenting, collaborating with team members in real time and exporting SVG code for easy integration into the app prototype.

A little bit of searching led me to the Okabe Ito colour palette. It offers a pleasant palette of accessibility friendly colours. Catering for dyslexia will require more research and understanding of textured backgrounds to aid visual clarity.

Figma’s Color Blind plugin is a useful tool.

We require much more research into the best approaches to guiding a learner verbally throughout the lessons and activities. We look forward to NESTA Scotland’s provision of a UX expert who may be able to offer effective suggestions.

We have started to consider the concept of gamification. Without adding too much clutter, we have implemented the collection of stars for each completed exercise.