The development commences

At last we start on the development of a most important project.

This isn’t vapourware. The final output of this particular project we hope will be beneficial to many people in society.

This app really is the tip of the iceberg when considering the vast knowledge and experience of the subject specialists within the team.

Version 0.1 .. early days. We now work towards developing an intuitive interface which must be achieved with minimal to zero textual labels/instructions. The text displayed in the app will generally be reserved for the words to be displayed in each learning activity. For example, the following home page nav on the v0.1 prototype is going to have to be modified…

Will the users be drawn to the flashing teacher icon?…

We anticipate providing settings under the cog icon.. but we will need to research carefully what will be useful.

Always remember.. we have to keep the interface as lightweight as possible. No need for clutter. Let’s avoid option paralysis.

We need to assure learners are always familiar with their position within the app. Progress, next, previous, home . “What do I do now?” . Visually or audibly we must be sure a user is kept informed of their next action.