Our Ufi funded seed project kicked off in the Autumn of 2019 to explore the practicalities of creating a smartphone app to support adult literacy beginner learners. Just before the Covid pandemic hit the Uk. We were very fortunate in that our partners were all able to work well remotely. We even managed to record the instructional videos for the app over zoom. This report presents a detailed description of our experiences and the feedback from learners and tutors (positive). It also starts to paint a picture for further development. The app is fairly unique in providing an independent learning opportunity for beginner adult literacy learners with an interface and design style for adults that incorporates voice and handwriting recognition as well as multimedia interactivity and a voice driven interface.

Citizen Literacy App Ufi VocTech Seed Project Final Evaluation Report

pdf download of Ufi Final report

An early face to face project meeting October 2019