Teachers as Learners
As the project has progressed and the app has made it to the advanced prototype stage (Alpha 9 then Beta5 and counting), we have started to think about the adult literacy teachers who are going to use the app with their students. We know from our experience and research that there is a shortage of adult literacy support materials in general and in particular for resources that include phonics approaches (please see our White Paper) and a general lack of teacher training opportunities due to years of funding cuts.

So, we need to support adult literacy teachers as much as we can. The main way we are doing this is by creating a Teacher Handbook and a Student Workbook for each course that we are writing. These are intended to support teachers with or without phonics training. The Handbook in particular contains important background orientation and detailed lesson plans and guidance that are referenced to the Student Workbook resources. The Handbook also contains QR codes to access short teacher training videos from our Citizen Literacy YouTube channel. This way we hope the handbook can supply ‘just in time’ learning and support for busy teachers. We hope this combo of books, mini lectures and apps can make a real difference to the work of adult literacy teachers.