Free Tutor Handbooks and Learner Workbooks

Free Evaluation Copies – Try before you buy! To help you evaluate whether our approach is a good fit with your needs we have made the following extracts from the Part 1 Handbook and Workbooks available as free PDFs licensed under a permissive Creative Commons CC-BY licence :

Part 1 Handbook Lessons 1 – 2
This contains the introduction to the entire programme provides a good overview of our approach, methods and guiding principles for Adult Literacy Education in the English language. It provides clear guidance on how to use the Lesson Plans together with the learner workbooks,  free learner web app, and the Tutor Hub service. Also includes a complete list of lesson and exercise titles describing the range and coverage of the lessons and exercises. A programme ‘Topic Map’ is also included showing where the key types of skills are developed over the first 30 lessons.

Part 1 Workbook Lesson 1 – 2
This contains the learner resources for the first two lesson in the programme, with easy-to-use references to the lesson plans.

Free Downloads for Tutors

Personal Learning Plan Template PLP
Learner Assessment and Feedback Form
Part 1 Lessons 1-30 Tutor Resources
Part 2 Lessons 1-30 Tutor Resources (in development)
Part 3 Lessons 1-30 Tutor Resources (in development)
Tutor CaseCase Study template (in development)

Free Tutor Training and Development Resources

Free Training Guides and Sequence for New Tutors


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