Tutor platform, for subscribed users.

  • Tutor Handbooks (Web version) for the entire programme
    • Lesson Plan Bookmark and Edit Tools – sequencing
    • Learner App Bookmark and Edit Tools – sequencing
  • Tutor Training Resources
    • Phonics Periodic Table
    • Word Blender / Decoder
    • Videos
    • Phonics Library
  • Custom Vocabulary Builder
    • Create custom vocational vocabularies for eg. the care, retail, construction, and hospitality sectors to support entry into work and progression for those in work
  • Connect to your learners
    • Connect to your learners’ apps
    • Send messages which will be spoken to your learners
    • Easily share custom vocabulary activities with your connected learners
  • Tutor Resources – for use in class
    • Editable Word Docs
    • PDFs for printing

A growing list of new lessons, tools, and features – please see our development roadmap below.

If you have any suggestions for new features that would help you to teach your learners, please follow this link to submit your ideas.


Development Roadmap: Advanced Tutor Platform

These ideas are all doable technically, but depend on feedback from the literacy community to see if they are actually of use and appropriate to support adult literacy learners and their tutors:

  • The platform can be linked to individual learner’s apps to support cohorts of learners remotely – now released on the Tutor Platform
  • Tutors can send voice/text messages to learners – e.g. change of class times, feedback on activity in class and/or in the app – now released on the Tutor Platform
  • A tutor dashboard to monitor and record learner activity in their apps and keep records (useful for evidence of learning activity)
  • The ability for tutors to author custom content and deliver it to their learners – now released on the Tutor Platform
  • Tutor can control the learner’s app, so they are all on the same page and lock it till they are all done – especially good for remote working and app assessment results
  • Record assessment results in the app and export to a spreadsheet for record-keeping
  • Use AI and learning analytics linked to the course learning design to:
    • provide automatic personalised suggestions to learners based on their progress and behaviour in the learner app 
    • notifications in the tutor dashboard, highlighting learners who may be progressing more rapidly or slowly and benefit from different activity options
  • A customisable set of word/literacy games to engage learners
  • Customising voice recognition for individual learner’s accents and voices (prototype completed)