Just starting in on this how people who are new to reading experience story telling via text differently…This came up in discussions with our academic lead, Diane Gardner, who had been writing short stories for her F2F class to start reading. When Diane asked her learners what they thought came next they found it hard to imagine ‘the story arc’ as they had so little experience of previous reading of stories – unsurprisingly when you think about it. This brought us up short, people who already read take many things for granted – including the ability to read a narrative and become involved in it. But for beginning adult readers there is no previous foundation of reading stories, so they way they encounter and interact with a narrative is not the same

How different learning about the the narrative experience is for adult beginners, we do not know. It would be tempting to suggest that it must be similar to how children learn about narrative structures, characters, plots etc. It would be worth doing some research about this as we know that narrative can be a powerful tool for learning and sharing knowledge. Obviously these learners already encounter narrative via audio and video in various mediums and through verbal story telling. But developing the ability to imagine a story via reading from scratch is something we do not seem to know about. Maybe we need to think about being explicit about introducing the concept of the written narrative as we are with the basic of literacy?