Thank you for your interest in our work. We would really value your feedback to inform the next phase of our development work. We have just released our smartphone app with the first 5 Lessons of our Part 1 adult literacy course. On this page you will find links to our adult literacy Apps and our Course Resources, together with guides about how to use them and provide feedback. Our work is focused on improving the literacy of adults who are already speakers of English and supporting their teachers. Feedback from colleagues who teach ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) has indicated that many of our tools and resources will be of use to them, especially for ESOL literacy learners who can understand the language but need to learn to read and write it. You can find out more about our work and the approaches we are taking in our ‘White Paper‘.

The Smartphone App

We have developed a smartphone app designed specifically for adult literacy learners and ESOL students who can already speak English. Making effective use of voice and handwriting recognition, the app is supplemented by a comprehensive set of printed learning resources to support the learners and their teachers. The app and printed resources are designed to provide a structured and integrated blend of phonics, grammar, alphabet awareness and punctuation for adults just starting out in literacy learning. The first 5 lessons of 30 are now available in this app. By the end of Lesson 3 learners are starting to read and write simple sentences. The App is free, with no adverts, and no capture of personal Data. The App is available for download from both the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Here are the web links:

The Web App

The Web App is a version of the App that will run in web browser and is intended for teachers to use in class. The idea is that students will get used to the interface and be able to use the app on their smartphones to be able to practice in between their face-to-face classes. We shall be adding teacher specific extension to the web app version, to allow teachers to monitor their students performance, customise their app course materials and contact students out of class etc. You can access the web app at this link: Remember for best results please only use the Chrome web Browser on a laptop or desktop PC, and please note that the voice recognition function in this web version will not work on Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) but should be OK on Mac laptops and desktops.

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Question Mark Icon

Tap the pulsing question mark icon at the bottom of every screen to access directions from the virtual tutor. You can find guidance on how to use and provide feedback about the app in this downloadable PDF. You can also find a short video about the course and how to use the App at this YouTube link.

App Feedback Options:

App Lesson 1 Interface
App Lesson 1 Interface

The Course Resources

Teacher Handbook and
Student Workbook

We know our App is likely to get a lot of attention because of its novelty, but our paper-based course resources that are equally important: The Teacher Handbook and Student Workbook – in these we have included draft content for Lesson 1 to gain feedback. These can be dowloaded as PDFs from these links:

Teacher Handbook
Student Workbook

Lesson 1 Teacher Resource File Downloads:
Personal Learning Plan.docx
Lesson 1 matspin Font size 120.pdf
Lesson 1 Group 1 Sound Image Alphabet.pdf
Citizen Literacy YouTube Channel

About the Course Resources: These are designed for teachers to use in face-to-face sessions with their students. They are paper-based because that makes the most sense for adult literacy classes, together with free online add-ons. The App supports the Course Resources. Our experience and research have indicated that there is a shortage of adult literacy learning resources available. By the end of Lesson 3 learners are starting to read and write simple sentences. Our development work is based on the collective experience and insights of some of the leading adult literacy teachers in the UK. The App and Courses Resources we are developing fill an important gap in the adult literacy education sector in the UK and beyond. We think they are distinctive because they provide the following important features:

A structured and integrated blend of phonics, grammar, alphabet awareness and punctuation for adults just starting out in literacy learning

It is from this perspective that we have decided to adopt a structured educational design using a mixture of phonics and traditional literacy methods together with modern technologies that our learners can relate to. Our aim is to develop the learner’s ability to analyse and understand the structure of their own spoken language and relate it to its textual form. This provides a basis for their continuing educational development. We describe our approach as a ‘nuts and bolts’ method of developing literacy abilities – for both learners and their teachers. The Handbook and Workbook will be for sale at as affordable prices as we can make them.

Course Resources Feedback Options: