22/1019 Kick Off Meeting Agenda

  1. Review Consortium Agreement and ideally sign it while everyone is here – our management have signed it off – I will bring along our printed copy for you to sign
  2. Review of the project plan, milestones and deliverables etc
  3. Tech Dev Progress to date, iOS issues and upcoming targets etc
  4. SUL Workshop Arrangements
  5. Introduce the White Paper and its rationale
  6. Understanding our target learner’s existing digital skills / uses – beginning some user research
  7. Publicity, Dissemination & Networking
  8. Sustainability planning & college developments – kick off discussion
  9. Understanding the UK Adult Literacy Landscape and the project place in it – kick off discussion
  10. Ideas for future funding / activities / collaborations etc. – Update from JC on some new funding opportunities & kick off discussion
    1. Innovation Vouchers (explore AI for App)
    2. Nesta the CareerTech Challenge Fund (expand online training functions for App)
    3. Ufi – Citizen Literacy Tutor (Onlline training course for Adult Literacy tutors etc.)


The ‘White Paper’ is a new item and I have added it as an attachment to this email. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to read it before the meeting – but if you can that would be great. I will put it on the project website in PDF format and describe it as a draft. The white paper approach is fairly common in the IT sector and is a kind of combo of planning, consultation and advertising. I am hoping we can produce something that is clear and understandable and provides a kind of ‘backstop’ that we can refer people to who want to find out more or who might even disagree with us – that way we don’t have to constantly explain ourselves from scratch – it provides a kind of script for the project that can be updated and altered as we go along. I am thinking it probably needs a one-page executive summary. Items 7,8 ,9 & 10 reflect the importance of exploring long term sustainability that our Ufi project application stressed and are intended just as a starting point. If you have any items you want to add to the meeting, please let me know.

29/01/20 Meeting Agenda

  1. Project manager report – written and verbal
  2. Progress report against plan
  3. Expected and unexpected outcomes and opportunities (good ones)
  4. Technical update
  5. Learning Design update
  6. SUL Meetings and Testing
  7. Whitepaper and Stakeholder feedback
  8. Trademark registration
  9. Finances and payments – check on first instalments to partners
  10. Future funding opportunities, sustainability and exit planning
    • Open and closed business models – Citizen Literacy as the public ‘open’ hub for community engagement for the partners – to work together on projects and to support their ‘closed’ business models
    • NESTA England Bid progress (CL Taster)
    • Nesta Scotland Bid progress (CL Accents)
    • EU Erasmus+ progress feasibility – see outline doc (CL EU)
    • UFI Seed / Impact bid discussions (CL AI, CL Tutor)
    • National Lottery Digital Fund discussions (CL UK)
    • HDI EPSRC fund – for small projects in connection with data (CL Data)
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