Tutor Handbook (1-10)


This is a simple, virtual product.

Tutor Handbook – Print £35 for every 10 lessons (digital version included in Tutor App subscription)

  • Lesson Plans
  • Tutor Notes
  • Tutor training videos via QR codes


Tutor Handbooks

Tutor Handbook – Paper / Digital:  This provides detailed support and guidance for tutors; a handbook covers groups of 10 lessons. Each lesson is broken down into exercises that are mapped to the paper Learner Workbooks and the relevant Learner App activities – to enable learners to practice in between classes. There are detailed lesson plans, Tutor notes, plus training videos. The handbook provides a much-needed training and development support resource for literacy tutors, especially for those who are new to using phonics methods. The handbook is available as part of the Tutor App

Tutor Class Resources

Tutor Class Resources – Digital: Free editable Handouts and grapheme cut-outs etc., for tutors to use to support the course.