We believe all learners should receive the learner app for free, plus we make many free tutor resources available to download.

To help support the costs of providing the app we charge a small subscription to access our Tutor Hub service, which works out at  £5.00 per month plus UK VAT tax (£72.00 per year inclusive). The subscription includes digital copies of all the Tutor Handbooks which would cost £315 in print. The Tutor Hub is a genuinely groundbreaking development in adult literacy support, designed to be simple to use but extremely powerful, it provides a range of tools to use in class, tutor training materials, and online authoring tools. A  Tutor Hub subscription enables a tutor to link to their learners’ apps and send them messages and custom activities, helping to overcome the isolation that many adult literacy learners can experience. We have an exciting roadmap of new features on the way for the Hub. They will be available to you at no extra cost as they are released.

Feature Free Subscription
Learner App    
Downloadable Learning Resources (Word and PDF)    
Tutor Platform    
Digital Tutor Handbooks    
Digital Lesson Plans with Bookmarking and Notes    
Custom Lesson Planning    
Connected Learners (send messages and activities to learners)    
Custom Word Activities (Create your own custom vocabularies)    
Phonics Dictionary and Pronunciation Coach    
Tutor Training Videos    
Comprehensive learner analytics / reporting (in development)    
* Annual subscription: £60.00 plus VAT )