Here we provide a suggested sequence of readings and activities for new and prospective tutors.

1- Print-to-Speech and Speech-to-Print: Mapping Early Literacy (Reading Rockets)

2- Science of Reading: Defining Guide
For those new to the term ‘Science of Reading’ this is a very useful, clear explanation, and definition and is available from the Reading League website at where it can be downloaded as a free PDF document.

Overview: Although the scientific evidence base for effective reading has existed for decades, the term “the science of reading” has gained traction in the last few years, potentially leading to misunderstandings. As a result, we believe that a common definition is useful for the field.

3- Citizen Literacy Learner Web App (
Free Tutor Phonics Training – for tutors new to the use of phonics methods then working their way through the app also serves as a practical phonics training resource and at the same time informs them of the structure and content of the Citizen Literacy programme.

4- POST-16 PHONICS APPROACHES: A TOOLKIT, this has been written by some of the leading adult literacy researchers and practitioners in the UK, it published by the Education and Training Foundation. It is an excellent (and free) accompaniment to the Citizen Literacy Tutor Handbooks and our other training materials. It provides clear and detailed guidance on how to use phonics methods with adults and gives examples of practical exercises with learners that put the ideas into real-life contexts. Highly recommended as a supporting text to our Tutor Handbooks the toolkit provides a great developmental pathway for tutors – think of it as a CPD course in phonics for adults in its own right.

It is freely available as a PDF file to download from this weblink

5- Reading 101: A Guide to Teaching Reading and Writing – What every teacher should know

A really useful and comprehensive self-directed online course of 9 modules – a great resource for beginner tutors in adult literacy. The program provides teachers with an in-depth knowledge of reading and writing. Produced in collaboration with the Center for Effective Reading Instruction and The International Dyslexia Association. After successfully completing each module a student teacher can take an online test and download for an ‘Official Letter of Completion’.

For those students who want to continue their learning and gain a certificate from the Center for Effective Reading Instruction by visiting Becoming a Certified Literacy Teacher (USA).

6 – Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science: What Expert Teachers of Reading Should Know and Be Able to Do. 
By Louisa C. Moats. Published by the American Federation of Teachers (an AFL-CIO union)

A great introduction to the area and the obstacles to implementing sound teaching methods in schools in the USA – much applies to the UK as well.