Nesta chose our Citizen Literacy ‘Taster’ project to create a standout case study of the use of technology to support adult learners. It’s a nice read with some excellent quotes and feedback from both learners and teachers about the positive impact our work with the Citizen Literacy App and programme has been having. It is also useful as a quick orientation for people who are new to the field of adult literacy development in the UK and need to understand the nature and scale of the challenge that low literacy skills have on peoples’ lives.

Nesta Citizen Literacy Taster Case Study

PDF download of Nesta Taster Project Case Study

“I feel more
knowledgeable, I feel
that, because I’m learning
every week, I can turn the
app on and I can start
doing it…it helps you cos
we only go to college once
a week so the app when
you got into it you’ve got
it there every day”

“I’ve got a lot better on that
app by using it. I can make
mistakes on it”