You can connect with your learners from this page.


Once you have connected a learner’s app, you can send messages to them directly. They will receive their messages within the app and they will be able to listen to or read them.


On the Custom Word Activities page, you can easily assign your own custom activities to your connected learners. They will receive a message in their Learner App, inviting them to tap on a link to open the custom activity.

How to Connect to a Learner

To connect to a learner, follow these instructions…

Your Tutor PIN is: 58655

  • Navigate to the Learner App on your learner's phone
  • Once the app has opened, tap on the settings cog (top right) and enter your PIN, 58655
  • Type in a nickname for your learner
  • Click the connect button
  • Click this link to refresh this page
  • Scroll down the page and you should see your newly connected learner listed


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