Reading and writing for everyone!

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“Every citizen in society should have the right to be able to learn to read and write, as a matter of social justice.”

An adult literacy course to support tutors and their learners, featuring printed and digital learning resources.

Citizen Literacy Handbooks and Workbooks are now available for purchase. Click this link to place orders for the books from Amazon.

We will be launching the Tutor Platform very soon. The platform will offer a collection of innovative tools for teachers and learners. Register your interest here for email updates.

Free Learner App

Revolutionary learner web app enabling some of the first online learning opportunities for adult literacy learners. Free to use, no registration, no adverts, no in-app purchases. Voice driven interface suitable for low literacy learners. Designed for adults. Highly interactive with voice and handwriting recognition.

From a standing start, by the end of lesson 2, learners are beginning to read and write simple sentences!

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Tutor Handbooks & Learner Workbooks

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For both experienced and new literacy tutors. Lesson plans and tutor notes linked to the workbooks and free learner app. A structured yet flexible educational design that can be adapted to learner's needs and community settings. Lessons broken down into exercises clearly linked to sections in learner workbooks and learner app.

Workbooks, a space for learners to write, collaborate, record, reflect and for tutors to examine. Economically priced.

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Tutor Platform

The digital hub of Citizen Literacy. Subscribe to a growing list of services.

  • Tutor handbooks
  • Training resources
  • Authoring tools
  • Phonics dictionary and pronunctiation coach
  • Downloadable classroom resources
  • Advanced features
  • Free downloadable and editable resources
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Phonics Dictionary

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Searchable phonics dictionary containing thousands of words. Each word is displayed as an interactive resource.

  • Returns words broken down into their sounds
  • Letter / Sound correspondence identified
  • IPA symbols attached to letters
  • Each component sound and mouth shape in a word pronounced by an actor on video
  • Each complete word pronounced by an actor on video
  • Suitable for ESOL
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Tutor Authoring Tools

Customise Citizen Literacy to suit your learners. Add your own content.

  • Custom vocabulary builder
  • Course editing tools
  • Easily share custom content with your learners
Learn how you can easily create your own custom activities
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