The Tutor handbooks are suitable for both experienced and new literacy tutors and provide a useful and friendly introduction to the programme, lesson plans and tutor notes that are linked to the learner workbooks and the free learner web app.

They provide a structured yet flexible educational design that can be delivered as it is or adapted to learners’ needs and community settings (which we encourage). Each lesson is broken down into exercises that are clearly linked to a section in a learner workbook to make it easy for tutors and learners to find the related learning resources, with the relevant Learner App activities identified – to enable learners to practice in between classes.

For tutors who are new to adult literacy teaching and the use of structured phonics methods the handbook and the app provides a useful training and professional development resource. Tutors who subscribe to the Citizen Literacy Tutor Platform get access to web versions of all the tutor handbooks, training resources, plus a growing range of powerful digital tools to use with their learners.

Learner Workbooks, each one covers a set of 5 lessons with exercise resources that are linked to the lesson plans in the tutor handbooks. The workbooks provide a space for Learners to write, collaborate, record, reflect on their work, and for Tutors to examine. The workbooks are priced to make them an economic proposition for learning providers. Importantly, the workbooks offer an attractive well produced resource for Learners to work with – this is an important factor for maintaining and building the self-esteem and confidence of learners.

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