The Citizen Literacy App

We are releasing an early test version of an App to help adults who can speak the English language but need help to learn to read and write. There are many people in the UK and elsewhere who are in this situation. We would like your help to test the app and provide feedback. It is an ambitious development in the field of Adult Literacy, it uses voice and handwriting recognition to allow learners to interact with the content. The App is free to use with no adverts, no user registration, and no use of private data. It is being made openly and freely available as a ‘common good’.

Citizen Literacy is supported by the following organisations:

  • Ufi – the VocTech Trust
  • Nesta | The Innovation Foundation
  • The Department for Education (England)

Notes for Testing

The App is based on, and mapped to, a structured adult literacy course that we are developing. It can be used independently by learners to get a ‘taste’ of what an adult literacy class might be like before they choose to attend in person. We will be providing directions in the App for (UK) learners to find their nearest adult literacy providers, to take their next learning steps. The App can also be used to undertake practice exercises between face to face classes that are based on our own courses.

To access the test version of the App please visit this web link https://citizenliteracy.com/??? 

– it will open in a web browser – for best user experience we recommend you use a recent version of the Chrome web browser at this early testing stage. The test version is designed to look like how it would appear on a smartphone.

User Feedback

We have produced a questionnaire that we would be very grateful if you would complete you can find it at this link https://citizenliteracy.com/???. There also facilities in the test app for you to indicate what you like / dislike.

We are anticipating that the people who complete the survey will be very varied but might include:

  • Those working 1-2-1 with learners 
  • Teachers with a group of learners
  • Teachers and people working with learners for whom English is not their first language (ESOL)

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