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This toolkit enables tutors to author their own special collections of word decoding drills for their learners, with each phoneme / grapheme pair identified, and send these new activities to their learner’s apps. This can be particularly useful for tutors to easily personalise the content of the programme and the learner app to meet the interests and needs of their learners – from sporting terms to vocational vocabularies. It can be a way of tutors. This is a way for tutors to create custom content for their learners to practice on between classes.

More Information – Features

To personalise the app content for their learners tutors have access to an easy to use authoring tool that lets them try out different phoneme / grapheme combinations and preview them using what we call a ‘phonics periodic table’. Tutors can store their different custom word collections for future reuse and editing as part of the Tutor Hub service.

Tutor Training

This authoring tool is also useful for tutor training and development and features a choice of either standard phoneme symbols for literacy development or IPA symbols for ESL / ESOL tutors and their learners. Tutors can use the Phonics Dictionary (another Tutor Hub service) to look up the correct phoneme / grapheme breakdown for each word. Further authoring tools are being developed to support tutors in customising app activities for their learners

Many of our resources can also be used to support tutor training, there is a general shortage of training resources for tutors to teach adult literacy, especially in the use of phonics. For tutors who are new to the use of phonics methods then working their way through the app also serves as a practical phonics training resource and at the same time informs them of the structure and content of the Citizen Literacy programme. When combined with our Tutor Handbooks, our Tutor Hub service, our online free Tutor Resources and the free ‘POST-16 PHONICS APPROACHES: TOOLKIT’, this is a powerful and growing collection of CPD resources. For more information please visit our Resources page.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 4 Quality Education

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning

opportunities for all.”

The Citizen Literacy programme and its free learner web app is our contribution to meeting this goal and its target of achieving universal literacy.