Nesta Citizen Literacy Taster Case Study

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Nesta chose our Citizen Literacy ‘Taster’ project to create a standout case study of the use of technology to support adult learners. It’s a nice read with some excellent quotes and feedback from both learners and teachers about the positive impact our work with the Citizen Literacy App and programme has been having. It is […]

Supporting Teachers

We need to support adult literacy teachers as much as we can. We are doing this is by creating Teacher Handbooks and Student Workbook,. Plus ‘just in time’ teacher training videos from our YouTube channel.

Learning Design Notes

From ABC to ADDIE We started off using the ABC-LD toolkit as a design tool. It’s great as a general purpose design aid for converting existing college / university courses into blended learning formats. It is especially good for bringing academics and support staff together to reimagine course designs. However we found that it was […]

The Importance of the Narrative

PDF download of Nesta Taster Project Case Study

Just starting in on this how people who are new to reading experience story telling via text differently…This came up in discussions with our academic lead, Diane Gardner, who had been writing short stories for her F2F class to start reading. When Diane asked her learners what they thought came next they found it hard […]