Nesta Citizen Literacy Taster Case Study

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Nesta chose our Citizen Literacy ‘Taster’ project to create a standout case study of the use of technology to support adult learners. It’s a nice read with some excellent quotes and feedback from both learners and teachers about the positive impact our work with the Citizen Literacy App and programme has been having. It is […]

Nesta Taster Project Evaluation

In early 2020 we were fortunate to be selected and funded by Nesta the UK Innovation Foundation for social good. Our project was part of the Nesta CareerTech Challenge Programme in partnership with the English Department for Education. The programme had the aim of using technology to provide help for workers, such as workers in […]

Ufi VocTech Seed Project Evaluation

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Our Ufi funded seed project kicked off in the Autumn of 2019 to explore the practicalities of creating a smartphone app to support adult literacy beginner learners. Just before the Covid pandemic hit the Uk. We were very fortunate in that our partners were all able to work well remotely. We even managed to record […]