Accents & Machine Learning

Dealing With Accents is not easy. there are basic issues regarding single words with no context given as you would have in a sentence and beyond that, there are accents!

Version 0.3

After much work by the Learning Design team, we now start to see a structure of materials forming. This allows us to start creating a JSON document describing key attributes of each lesson and its associated activities. This structure has also allowed us to create a custom build mechanism to ease UI modifications throughout the […]

Version 0.2

In this version we start to introduce audio instructions and experiment with visual cues to sync the audio to the interface elements. CSS is being used to run animations. This is a consideration made to save the user battery. We do however use a JS function to control the synchronisation of CSS animations to the […]

Version 0.1

The development commences At last we start on the development of a most important project. This isn’t vapourware. The final output of this particular project we hope will be beneficial to many people in society. This app really is the tip of the iceberg when considering the vast knowledge and experience of the subject specialists […]