Nesta Citizen Literacy Taster Case Study

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Nesta chose our Citizen Literacy ‘Taster’ project to create a standout case study of the use of technology to support adult learners. It’s a nice read with some excellent quotes and feedback from both learners and teachers about the positive impact our work with the Citizen Literacy App and programme has been having. It is […]

App Demostration

App Demo

A short video that shows some of the the different features and activity types of the Citizen Literacy App as at March 2021. These include: The 2 different virtual tutor voices (Al and Jude) that provide instructions and feedback to the learners. ‘Explainer videos’ that set the scene and provide support for each learning activity. […]

Citizen Literacy: What we do and why.

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A short video about Citizen Literacy explaining what we do and why we do it There are over 6 million people of working age in the UK that have poor reading and writing skills – about 15% of the population. Our app and teaching resources helps adults to learn to read and write and supports […]

NATECLA Scotland Interview

NATECLA Scotland

Here is an interesting reflective interview with Diane Gardner our literacy lead with NATECLA Scotland, NATECLA is a UK wide organisation that supports teachers of English for learners whose first language is not English. Here, Diane describes her journey into adult literacy from being an ESOL teacher through community work and the experiences that have […]

Feedback Updates

We are receiving really useful and thoughtful feedback in our testing exercise. Thanks everyone!

Supporting Teachers

We need to support adult literacy teachers as much as we can. We are doing this is by creating Teacher Handbooks and Student Workbook,. Plus ‘just in time’ teacher training videos from our YouTube channel.

Accents & Machine Learning

Dealing With Accents is not easy. there are basic issues regarding single words with no context given as you would have in a sentence and beyond that, there are accents!

Version 0.4

Time to start looking at the real world user interface. Understanding the personas likely to use the app, we have many considerations to make. Colour blindness, dyslexia and mobility must be considered. Figma is an excellent tool for quickly experimenting, collaborating with team members in real time and exporting SVG code for easy integration into […]