Diane and myself have been busy – like Gromit! – creating the Learning Design for the Citizen Literacy App. It’s like building a railway we are the Navvies and the coders (Will and Colin) are the trains that run on our rails. It is hard work, but we are nearly at the end of Lesson 5 – the formative evaluation.

The work is speeding up as we discover more repeatable Design Patterns I have been boring anyone who will listen about how important they are :-). It is quite a big deal and in the world of EdTech (at least in mainstream HE & FE) they are still a bit of aspirational dream, but we are are actually doing it. The patters are now repeating in the software code which is what we hoped would happen. This means things are speeding up and there is a real feeling of growing momentum in the project

We presented about this design pattern aspect of our work at a recent international academic conference. Will add more here soon.