We gratefully acknowledge the support of these organisations and people:


Ufi charitable trust – Funding under the terms of grant number VTS19 2051 to support the Citizen Literacy seed prototype project
Nesta the innovation foundation – Funding: The CareerTech Challenge Fund with the support of the Department for Education (England)
Nesta the innovation foundation (Scotland) – Funding: The AI For Good Programme

Early Design Advice and Support Credits: Claire Collins CCC Ltd., Professor Wolfgang Greller, Vienna University of Education. Kenji Lamb for early prototype App design ideas. Douglas Morrison and colleagues at City of Glasgow College for early facilitation and support. Julian Hopkins for Applied and Action Research descriptions. Students from the Digital Skills Academy, Dublin, for early prototyping design and build exercises and logos:

App Coding Assistant:
Ben Gregory

Handbook Layout Design Tips: Raquel Galeano, Glasgow University

Mindfulness Training: Brenda Miller

Public Relations / Social Media: Dr. Will Dinan, & Elmira Berkina (Post Graduate Student) University of Stirling

Education Scotland: Support and Publicity

Community Learning and Development Scotland : Support and Publicity

NATECLA Scotland: Support and Publicity

Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML): Support and Publicity

Introduction to the Science of Reading: Jennifer Christenson, abc English